In this vignette we are going to download all GBIF literature available using our gbifliterature R package.

The first step is install the package and also the purrr package to help us in download all literature.


Example GBIF literature by year

We starting download all the literature from 2022. We use get_gbif_literature_year to get the literature for the specific 2022 year from the API.

lit_2001 <- gbifliterature::get_gbif_literature_year(year = 2001)

You can print the output object if you want. The output is a data frame containing all the information related to GBIF peer reviewed literature in 2022

Download all GBIF iterature

In the last example we observe that itโ€™s possible to map this function passing the year parameter:

literature_df <- purrr::map_df(2000:2022, function(x){
    gbifliterature::get_gbif_literature_year(year = x)

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